virtual assistant

do you need some help in your day-to-day working life? are administrative tasks taking up precious time and energy that would be better spent elsewhere? 

free up some capacity and delegate office jobs to your virtual assistant, your invisible and invaluable back office manager.


i take care of those unpopular routine tasks, carry out research, write copy, develop forms, edit and format documents, prepare emails and set up personalised standard letters.

or is social media top of your office agenda right now? let me manage your blog or instagram account. on call and ready to help as and when you need me.



  • prepare and/or format documents
  • create or edit copy
  • draft emails 
  • prepare guides
  • prepare presentations
  • clarify topics and research them online
  • manage social media
  • carry out data entry tasks of any kind
  • and many other jobs 


i charge you for the actual time spent completing your tasks for your.


my hourly rate is chf 90.

how it works

we communicate mainly via email. clear, written instructions enable us to work together smoothly.

the more detail you provide, the better i can support you. with the right input i can deal efficiently with special requests as well as any routine jobs. 


get in touch to arrange a convenient slot to discuss details.

gain capacity.

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schmiedengasse 21 

4500 solothurn



+41 (0)79 129 55 38